Peter’s first (unpaid) job was testing VHS tape recorders in his Dad’s TV repair shop, watching classics like Biggles Adventures in Time and Smokey and the Bandit. It was years later he realised his father’s clever distraction technique inspired him to work in film, so for that, he thanks his Dad.

He started out making award-winning shorts and music videos before he entered the world of commercials. He has directed work for diverse clients including; Philips, Unilever, Hyundai, The British Army and Morrisons.

Peter is drawn to witty comedy and thought-provoking content. His visual style is grounded in reality, and strong performances are central to his work. He works as seamlessly with “real people” as he does actors, capturing open and honest portraits of contributors.

Peter also writes and directs longer form content. His film ‘Crack’ was nominated for Best British Short at the British Independent Film Awards and ‘This is the Winter’, a short produced by Michael Fassbender, is being adapted into a TV series by Michael’s production company DMC Film. The success of this film also landed him a top agent for film, and he now has other long form projects in the works.