After flunking most of his GCSEs and being told by a Career Officer that a career in tv was an impossible dream, Matt ended up in a job drawing the inside of telephone exchanges. After realising he didn’t have any interest in ducting, he saved enough money to fund himself through Art College.

Two years later he got into De Montford University, creating stop-frame animation and making films on a clunky video camera, but also walking away with a degree in Graphic Design!

In 2000 he landed his dream job as a Motion Designer at Channel 4, where he honed his skills as a Director and Editor, writing and creating promos, idents and title sequences for Channel 4 shows and a host of tv sponsorship ads.

He left Channel 4 to realise his new dream of becoming a Commercials Director.

His eclectic commercial work has encompassed comedy, documentary, kids, celebrity, cars and even puppetry. Over the years he’s leant more and more into his love of quirky visuals and comedic performances, shooting for Clients such as: Just Eat, British Airways, Subway, Tesco, Citroen, Barclaycard, NHS, Carlsberg, Lotto, Toyota and Lynx.

Matt brings a design sensibility to everything he shoots, creating clean and simple frames. He loves working with diverse new talent, both in front of and behind the camera, striving to keep a fun and relaxed atmosphere on set, which brings out the very best from everyone involved.

“If we’re all having a good time, everyone does their best work and those positive vibes pour through the screen.”

He’s currently developing several short films and a comedy series “The Death Diaries”, whilst shooting a documentary film ‘Doctor Why?’ – an exploration of the world of Doctor Who fandom, which he hopes to share with all of time and space in November 2023.