In The Long Run directed by Declan Lowney wins ‘Best Comedy Programme’

‘In The Long Run’ directed by Declan Lowney wins Best Comedy Programme at the Broadcast Digital Awards 2018.

“The personal experiences of actor, DJ and producer Idris Elba formed the backdrop of this sitcom, which the judges described as “funny and poignant”.

One said it was a “perfect sitcom with laugh-out- loud moments”, while according to another, it was “warm, sentimental and a glimpse into a place and time rich with characters and issues I wanted to know about”.

As a representation of an African-British family in the 1980s, the series was praised for its attention to detail: the Sierra Leone and Ghanian characters used Krio and Twi dialogue respectively, while hair styles, props and clothing were meticulously researched to give it an authentic feel.

The musical score also represented the storylines, with a mix of ’80s hits sitting alongside original African music. Older lenses such as Cooke Panchromatic S2 series primes were used to give it a period feel.

Elba, whose star continues to burn brightly across TV and film, was joined on screen by British comedy legend Bill Bailey, among others.

The first two episodes racked up audiences of 994,000 and 810,000 respectively for Sky 1 – up 32% on the slot average – and the series was showered with positive reviews.”


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