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Lee J Ford BIOG

Lee grew up in Brighton. Before it was cool. His memories as a boy mostly revolve around hanging out in his local video shop swapping video nasties with his mates... ‘The Exterminator’ and ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ took priority over maths homework.

He didn’t pass maths, but luckily he was pretty good at art. After graduating from the film and graphics degree course at Central Saint Martins, his love of the darker side of cinema was still going strong, but by some twist of fate, which he himself still can't quite figure out the chronology of, his early career was taken up as an advertising creative.

On this matter he recalls that “the bright side was I got to work with some of the best commercial directors in the world”, who he learnt from and further developed his love for making films. Despite the lack of focus on his own job, he won lots of awards and ended up being a creative director.

After deciding to make the jump to being a full-time director, one of his first jobs was directing on BBC Top Gear. It was a baptism of ice, shooting a race across the Arctic Circle. Since then he has worked around the world, making films that are influenced by his love of cinema and design.

Lee has a library of 5000 books at home, which may come as a surprise to those that know him for his love of tattoos and V12 engines, but find out more and you’ll see a person whose thirst for knowledge is only exceeded by his drive to always achieve the best possible results in his work.